55 - Communication libre
3 juin 2021, 17:35 - 19:05, Stream 2: SSCViscérale


Incidence and prognostic factors for the development of symptomatic and asymptomatic marginal ulcers after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedures
J. Süsstrunk, L. Wartmann, D. Mattiello, T. Köstler, U. Zingg, Presenter: L. Wartmann (Schlieren)

Marginal ulcer (MU) is a serious complication after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) procedures. This study reports the incidence, risk factors and treatment outcomes of symptomatic and incidentally, at routine endoscopy diagnosed, MU.
All patients undergoing RYGB procedures between 2013 and 2018 at a single center were included. Upper endoscopy was performed in case of symptoms and/or routinely 2 and 5 years postoperatively.
568 patients (83.3% female) underwent RYGB procedure with a median age of 40 years and median initial body mass index of 41 kg/m2. Median time to follow-up was 2.99 years. Routine 2- and 5-year upper endoscopy was performed in 256 (55.3%) and 65 (38.0%) eligible patients, respectively. In 86 (15.1%) patients, MU was diagnosed at a median time of 14.2 months (4.58 – 26.2) postoperatively and 24.4% of patients with MU were asymptomatic. 76.7% of MUs were located on the side of the Roux-limb. 88.4% of MUs were treated conservatively; re-operation was necessary in 10 (11.6%) patients. Smoking and type 2 diabetes mellitus were the only independent risk factors for MU development in multivariate analysis with a hazard ratio of 2.65 and 1.18 (HbA1c per unit >6.0), respectively.
MU is a common complication after gastric bypass surgery with 25% of patients being asymptomatic. Follow-up routine endoscopy is recommended for early MU detection and subsequent accurate therapy, especially in patients with the independent risk factors smoking and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
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