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Weight loss after distal and intermediate gastric bypass: A short-term follow up of 133 patients
T. Cereser, N. Kuchen, D. Infanger, P. Beissner, R. Schlumpf, O. Schöb, Presenter: T. Cereser (Zürich)

The gastric bypass surgery has proven to be a successful surgical treatment of morbid obesity. The distal and intermediate laparoscopic Roux en-Y gastric bypasses (LRYGB) seem to provide a longer-lasting weight loss with a lower probability of significant weight regain and are established as a treatment option in cases of weight rebound after previous bariatric surgery. In this retrospective study we present our experience.
We collected data from 133 obese patients, 93 females and 40 males, with a mean age of 47 (+/- 12) years, that underwent laparoscopic distal (29/133) and intermediate (104/133) roux en-Y gastric bypass surgery between 2014 and 2015 and analyzed them over a period of two years after surgery. Each patient attended one surgical follow-up three months after surgery and periodical metabolic controls. Reporting of weight loss outcomes included Body Mass Index (BMI), change in BMI (Delta-BMI), percent of Total Weight Loss (%TWL) and Percent of Excess Weight Loss (%EWL) at baseline, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months after surgery. The ideal weight was defined by the weight corresponding to a BMI less than 25 Kg/m^2.
The participants had at baseline an average BMI of 42.1 (+/- 6.9) kg/m^2. Sixty-three patients (54.9%) had a previous abdominal operation in their past medical history, which was in 25.4% of the cases a bariatric procedure (gastric banding or gastric sleeve). One year after intermediate LRYGB, our patients had an average loss of 13.38 kg/m^2 (+/- 4.2) BMI, an average %TWL of 32.79 (+/- 9.2) and an average %EWL of 68.2 (+/- 24.77). One year after distal RYGB the following average outcomes were observed: Delta BMI of 15.99 kg/m^2, %TWL of 34.71 and %EWL of 66.02. At two years a significant maintenance of the weight loss was achieved in both groups. These results are significantly better if compared with the patients after proximal RYGB operated in our clinic in 2014 and 2015.
Distal and intermediate gastric bypass procedures have shown positive outcomes regarding weight loss and its maintenance. Long-term observations are needed to confirm this preliminary evidence.
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