98 - Freie Mitteilung
Acute Care Surgery, Mixed
3. Juni 2022, 12:15 - 13:45, Aare


Indocyanine green for leakage control in isolated limb perfusion
I. Zucal1, 2, S. Geis1, L. Prantl1, S. Haerteis1, T. Aung1, 3, Presenter: I. Zucal1, 2 (1Regensburg, 2Aarau, 3Deggendorf)

Sarcomas are characterized by a high metastatic potential and aggressive growth. Despite surgery, chemotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of these tumors. Optimal anti-cancer therapy with maximized local efficacy and minimized systemic side effects has been the object of many studies for a long time. To improve the local efficacy of anti-tumor therapy, isolated limb perfusion with high-dose cytostatic agents has been introduced in surgical oncology. In order to control the local distribution of substances, radiolabeled cytostatic drugs or perfusion solutions have been applied but often require the presence of specialized personnel and result in a certain exposure to radiation. In this study, we present a novel strategy using indocyanine green to track tumor perfusion with high-dose cytostatic therapy.
In a rat cadaver model, the femoral vessels were cannulated and connected to a peristaltic pump to provide circulation within the selected limb. The perfusion solution contained indocyanine green and high-dose doxorubicin. An infrared camera enabled the visualization of indocyanine green during limb perfusion, and subsequent leakage control was successfully performed.
Histologic analysis of sections derived proximally from the injection site excluded systemic drug dispersion.
In this study, the application of indocyanine green was proven to be a safe and cost- and time-efficient method for precise leakage control in isolated limb perfusion with a high-dose cytostatic agent.
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